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Thread: Tourist Visa Invitation Letters

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    Tourist Visa Invitation Letters


    It's commonly believed that people can invite or even apply for their family/friends to get a visitor visa. In reality, the burden falls on the person who wants to get the visitor visa. Although some consulates will accept a letter of invitation from US friends/family (more on that below), in general, the work for getting a visa needs to be done by the applicant.

    The biggest obstacle in getting a visitor visa, particularly for those in Latin America, is that the law assumes they will try to overstay/abuse it. The following is from the US Dept of State:

    So the applicant needs to gather any evidence they can to demonstrate those factors above. Here is a slightly more specific list of what they can gather. Once they have those, they can begin the application process. You can read through this page for more details on the process, and read Cupcake's sticky here.
    As one piece of evidence, the applicant may want to submit a letter of invitation from their US family/friends. It is uncertain whether these are truly effective at all consulates, but there are some where it likely will help, and there's no evidence that a properly-worded one hurts, so if you choose to submit an invitation letter, you may want to use something like the following format.

    Sample Invitation Letter

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